Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April Birchbox Review

I might actually do a Birchbox review the same month it comes to me! Hurray!

Overall I really liked this box!

Glossy Kiss Pencil in Starlet by Mirenesse. (4.2/5)
This was my favorite product out of this month's box. It's got a really nice texture, and even though I don't usually wear orange-red lip colors (it's more orange in real life than in the picture) I think this is pretty darn fabulous. They also claim you could use it as a cheek stain, which I'm a little on the fence about. It's not very waxy so I suppose you could, but I feel like it would be hard to deal with such a vibrant color, maybe if I was more tan it would be okay.

Protect and Detangle by Beauty Protector 8 oz - $21.95 (4/5)
I really liked this product a lot, it's a leave in conditioner, with heat and sun protectant. It smelled nice and didn't leave any kind of residue on my hair or weight it down. I also think this would be a great thing to take on extended backpacking trips, where I need to carry as few products as possible, but will still want to wash my hair. I could use it after shampoo so I don't have to rinse my hair twice and it will help protect my hair from sun damage.

Huile Divine by Caudalie (4/5)
I love this brand, everything I try from them is so nice. Everything they make has not parbens, ethanol, sulfates, and is not tested on animals.This oil in particular has a really great smell, feels great on my skin and doesn't like any greasy residue. Now if only they would lower their prices just a tad...

Supergoop Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream (3.8/5)
Anti aging eye creams are sort of tricky for me to review since I don't have wrinkles, my biggest concerns are always dark circles. Regardless of whether or not this product would get rid of wrinkles, it'll certainly prevent them. In addition to it's anti-wrinkle ingredients it's got a Broad Spectrum SPF 37 Sunscreen. I just wish it didn't smell like sunscreen. Luckily I don't breathe through my eyes. Yet.

Hail Merry Macaroons 3.5 oz - $5 (1/5)
If you like chocolate covered sawdust, buy these. They get one point just for having chocolate.

One nice bonus is that they also gave a little card to mail in for a free one year subscription of Women's Health. So that almost makes up for the macaroons.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sugarpill Heart Breaker Palette Review

Review of Sugarpill Addicted to Pretty Palette in Heart Breaker (5/5)

I love the hell out of this palette. Although there’s not too many Sugarpill products that I’m not totally obsessed with, other than Birthday Girl which sucks. But this is definitely my favorite of all the products I’ve tried. As will all the pressed shadows the colors are vibrant, silk smooth and easy to blend. In order from left to right:

I took a picture of all the colors swatched and then my camera lost it? Wtf. I saw it get saved. No idea what happened there. Sorry about that I'll do some looks with these colors very soon anyway.
This is absolutely my favorite shadow of the set. It’s like a matte pressed version of Sugarpill’s Loose Shadow Royal Sugar. I love it. Blue’s are notoriously tricky to work with but Velocity is like velvet. I did a really fun matte blue look, similar to the one done by Leesha (at xsparkage) with this and it turned out really nice. The wear on this color in particular was great. I wore it for a good 13 hours without any creasing, flaking or bleeding and it didn’t stain my eyelids! AWESOME. 

Chartreuse is my favorite color of all time and it is incredibly difficult to find an eyeshadow in chartreuse that blends well and applies evenly. They tend to be kind of chalky and difficult to work with. Not so with 
Acidberry. It’s gorgeous applies easily and is great for doing some spring time looks with. I'm particularly planning a cut crease look with it and Acidberry since they're Seahawk/Sounders colors and my favorite color combination.

In terms of colors this sort of reminds me of a washed out Aquadisiac (MAC). It’s probably my least favorite shade out of the whole collection, in the pan. Once I swatched it I changed my mind, it looks really pretty, has if not the best texture of the four then close to it, and I think it has a lot of potential for some very varied looks.

Purples are always a good thing for me. I have very dark green eyes that sometimes look dark grey. Purples bring out the greens and complement the gray so my eyes never look washed out or dull when I wear a purple eyeshadow. This color is a really nice plum and I’m really excited to play with it more!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

March Birchbox Review

I'm going to start doing product reviews a little differently, each product (if there are more than one per review will get an overall score in parentheses next to the product name just so you get an idea about how I would rate it personally.

Also my hope is to get back to updating this Tuesdays and Thursdays. I think I've got a pretty good schedule established for my hiking blog so now I just need to get back into the swing of things with this blog.

Whish Shave Cream, 150ml - $20 (3.5/5)
I don't usually use shave cream cause I'm always running late. Also, if you exfoliate fairly frequently, have a good razor and a moisturizing body wash, you don't really need shaving cream. That being said, this shaving cream is incredibly moisturizing, and has a really nice texture. Even though I have very sensitive skin and my razor is at the end of it's life, I had NO skin irritation at all. The smell is sort of "meh" to me. It smells like fake blueberry smell, which isn't awful but it's not great to me either. I was hoping for a more fresh, clean scent rather than something that smells really sweet and too heavily perfumed.

Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Mousse, 6.3 oz - $23 (5/5)
Oh man. I love, love, love this mousse. It leaves my hair with some really nice volume, it isn't heavy or crusty. It doesn't make my hair look dull, which I find is a big problem with a lot of volumizing products. The scent isn't super overwhelming, it's smells kind of woody and spicy to me, not like hot spicy like aromatic spicy. It's a little pricey but I might splurge.

Madewell for Birchbox Floral Nail Emery Board - $5
Not really sure what to say about this. It's an emery board. It's pretty. Works fine. 'Nuff said.

MAKE Face Primer $30
If you are looking for a mattefying primer I would NOT go with this face primer. It's a pretty okay primer overall although I didn't notice a huge difference in length of wear I do think it helped with applying my foundation evenly and evening my skin tone. The texture was nice, it didn't dry out my skin at all which is a good thing since I have a tendency towards dry patches on my cheek bones. It's SPF 30, which is always a good thing. It's on the pricey side, and honestly I'm starting to lean towards using BB/CC creams mixed with moisturizer as a primer rather than using something like this. Still if you want an un-tinted primer this is a nice option.

MAKE eye shadow in Great Lakes $18
Nice satin finished eye shadow in a medium grey. Very wearable, I could see doing a really pretty smokey grey eye with this. It applies evenly but I can really speak to length of wear since I just swatched it. It's also hypoallergenic, doesn't have any oils, parabens or fragrances (do most eye shadows have fragrances??). It does include vitamins C and E to help protect the skin around your eyes. Overall a very decent eye shadow, except for the price. If I'm going to be buying eye shadow I'll go with Inglot, MAC, Sugarpill etc. All of which are cheaper, and have a better selection.