Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bzzz Campaign

I got an invite to a Bzzz campaign a few weeks ago for Covergirl's NatureLuxe collection. I've tried Covergirl foundation in the past, like waaaay past, and was never really pleased with it, but I thought I'd give it a try. It's free so why not?

I got the box in the mail and have been using it for about a week now. The color I got was too dark for me, they didn't have my shade available as a free sample. So it was too dark, until I spent a little over a week in Texas and Arkansas and got a little color to my face. Now this is going to be my summer foundation. The consistency is a little grainy when you first apply it to the skin, which was off putting. But then I just blended it out and it looks really nice. I can't truly say anything about it's weight because I always mix my foundation with my moisturizer so that it applies and blends more completely and evenly. But it did feel more like a tinted moisturizer as opposed to foundation mixed with moisturizer. Make sense?

To me however, the real star of this collection is the tinted lip balm. OH MY GOODNESS! I've had tons of problems with my lips in the past. They're kind of huge, and have a tendency to get ridiculously chapped the minute I stop drinking enough water and/or stop applying chapstick. I also have a problem with tinted lip balm because typically it stays on for a bit and then leaves my lips really dry afterwards OR it's more like a lipstick and not just a tint. This stuff is exactly what I've always wanted and never received from a tinted lip balm. A hint of color + moisture and repair. My lips feel awesome. I didn't even like the shade I got and I've still been wearing it like mad. I'm getting all the lip balms, and I will probably get the lighter foundation come winter time.

Bottom Line:
Foundation-4 Stars
Lip Balm- 5 stars

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