Friday, May 24, 2013

Review of Got2B Powder’ful

So I was really excited to get the Got2B Powder’ful from BuzzAgent. I have super thin hair and am always excited for volumizing products. I also thought, from some of the description information and also from experience with similar powder products that this was going to be a dry-shampoo type volumizer. Nope, not at all.

The product claims that it was volumizes hair within 10 seconds, this is absolutely true. I flipped my hair over and applied the powder at the base of my scalp. It made my hair super up. However, I really wasn’t very happy with the texture my hair had after use. As opposed to dry shampoo and similar types of products that volumize hair and leave it just a little piece-y, this separated my hair a lot and made it feel pretty crunchy.

The biggest problem I had with this product though was that my hair was almost completely un-stylable, the only way I could smooth things out was to brush out and my hair was so crunchy and stiff that it was kind of painful and I’m sure broke some of my hair.

One of the biggest plus sides to the product is the price. It's available at for $3.99 per bottle, and I'm sure each bottle would last a very long time. Even though I had some problems with the product I think with a little experimentation and some patience you might be able to make it pay off.

Bottom Line: I would say if you’re not planning on doing any further styling and you just want volume you could probably use this product in very small amounts, particularly if you have shorter hair.

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