Friday, October 8, 2010

Like most makeup/beauty geeks I subscribe to most of the newsletters from my favorite makeup companies: MAC, Sephora, Urban Decay etc. A few weeks ago I got the newsletter from Sephora including a very....ehm, provocative picture. I started to laugh uncontrollably when I saw this:

Now maybe it is just that I have a 12 year olds sense of humor, perhaps even a perverted 12 year old sense of humor. But if you can tell me that doesn't remind you of the most horrific cumshot in a porn, then you've either never seen one, or you are lying to yourself.

Upon viewing I immediately turned to my boyfriend, who is a graphic designer and is one of 4 people who run global marketing for a very large company, and asked "What do you think when you see this?" Now maybe it's because we are both completely sick in the head, a fact that neither of us would argue, but we both agreed. He followed by telling me that everybody in the marketing division of Sephora as well as the individual label probably had the same thought. So obviously I needed to do further investigation. The ad was for Dr. Dennis Gross skincare. The original picture they had of him is now gone, replaced by one that looks a bit less skeevy, what's more this ad is now gone. Further proof that somebody besides Chris and I, noticed how ridiculous this picture is.

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