Monday, October 24, 2011

Quick Update!

I've got a bunch of posts that are going to come up soon. I just need to make make my photos at home visible on my work computer so I can update during my lunch hour... or whenever :P

Some photos that I'm really looking forward to sharing are from this weekend! I did some FX Makeup for my friend Jason who is the mascot for 2 different RollerDerby teams. This weekend we dressed him as a Zombie Derby Girl and the effect was.... well it was a man dressed like a girl, but the makeup was awesome. I used some inspiration from different people, and then conformed it to what he wanted. I also did his wife's makeup, she wasn't playing (her team didn't play that night) but she was giving out raffle tickets and volunteering. They won't be super in depth photos but I think they'll turn out okay.

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