Friday, October 14, 2011

Product Focus: YBF Brow Pencil

YBF (Your Best Friend) Brow Pencil in Taupe

My NEW Best Friend! Hahaha. This is definitely one of my favorite products I've received from BirchBox. I have suuuuuper light eyebrows, and finding a product that works with them is difficult. I've always used powders (the lightest duo from Anastasia), but I don't have a brow gel and powder without brow gel = no staying power. Pencils are a typically a little waxier, which is great because they keep the hairs in place and the color doesn't rub off as easily. I would say that the product lasts at least 6 hours, possibly more. At first I thought it was a teeny bit darker than I liked, I think this is just because I'm not used to having really defined eyebrows. The color suits me quite well and after using it for a few months I think I’m in love... It comes with a really coarse spoolie and which makes it super portable and since the color is really light but build-able I can use it on anybody else, even on brunettes! This would be a really decent pencil for free-lance artists since you could use it on almost any client.

This is how I use this product: I brush through my brows with the spoolie end and get them about where I like. Then I go through using light feathery strokes to darken my eyebrows. If I want more dramatic brows I spend more time shaping towards the inner portion of my brow. Concentrate the most color at your arch, it will make your brow bones look a little more pronounced. Pull the spoolie through one more time to distrubute the color evenly. Tip/Trick: If you see pencil marks on your skin on the inner part of your brows, zig-zag the spoolie across them while pressing gently but firmly. It'll smudge out the marks without removing the product.

I'll add a picture of me wearing it soon.

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