Thursday, October 13, 2011

Update and Birchbox

So obviously that 30 day challenge thing hasn't been happening. But I promise it's not my fault, Chris re-organized the office and my camera disappeared, right after the cord connecting it to my computer disappeared, which was the original reason I wasn't updating. This past weekend Chris and I went through the office together and found my camera. So! I'm going to add a BUNCH of stuff to this really soon. In the meantime (a little late) here is my review of last month's birch box.

This Birchbox, combined with the last two being mediocre, almost made me decide to stop getting them. If this month's didn't look so good I think I'd give up altogether. I was super disappointed and thought some of the products were downright stupid. In order of awesome-idiotic here they are:

Incoco Nail Polish Appliques (Leopard) - I actually haven't used these yet, my nails have been a mess. They needed a break from all the nail polish they'd been getting, but I'm planning on using these sometime after Halloween. Regardless, I'm super excited to try them! I love love love leopard print and definitely don't have the ability to hand draw leopard print on my nails, and alas I don't own a Konad stamp... yet. So really excited to use that!

Jouer Lip Enhancer - Good all around lip-prep product (if it had a primer it would be perfect). Moisturizes very nicely and plumps your lips without burning/minty-iciness. I put it on for about a week while I was doing my makeup and noticed that my lips stayed moisturized longer during the day. A definite plus is that when I discontinued using it (can't remember why) my lips didn't go totally haywire and get super chapped. Which is what normally happens when I stop using a lip moisturizer.

Harvey Prince Eau Flirt Lavender Pumpkin - I really like the scent of this perfume, despite the fact that it's not my normal floral-y perfume. Also the perfume itself, not the bottle, is green! How cool is that? Now for the downside, it really doesn't have much staying power. I think after 3-4 hours it was gone entirely. The last thing I have to say is not a reflection of the product itself but of the packaging. I hate the type of perfume sample packaging that this came in (the kind that doesn't spray it just has a cap and supposedly you use the little ring on the cap or your finger to apply the perfume). It can't be that much more cost-effective to leave off the spraying apparatus thingee.

Blinc Mascara - This mascara really let me down. I've used the tubing mascaras before and had pretty decent luck with them. But this mascara didn't add any volume or length at ALL. In fact the only plus I can say about the formula is that it is really black. REALLY black. It almost looks like patent leather on my lashes, which is cool, but I want something more than a nifty effect.

The Lash Card - This is by far the STUPIDEST product I have ever, ever tried. It makes me mad that it even exists. Let me explain: theoretically you put this on your eyelid, or under your lower lashes, and apply your mascara. The card prevents the mascara from smudging on you lids. That's it. Apparently enough people are having problems applying their mascara that they needed to mass produce a thing piece of cardboard to help the completely inept. Use some makeup remover you fucking idiot! OR don't get the makeup on your face in the first place. Now I know what you might be thinking, people sometimes have difficulty with stuff that other people find easy. Sure! I agree! Here's the reason why I REALLY hate this product: I gave it the old college try! I thought to myself, hey I might think this is the most stupidridiculousdumbass thing I've ever seen, but if it helps somebody then that's great! So I tried it. It was awkward to use and actually made it more difficult to get to the lashes on the inner and outer corner of my eye. Something that it claimed it helped with. LAME LAME LAME.

Finally the box came with this little friendship bracelet thingee. All I can say is "If this is what my friendship means to you Birchbox, it obviously won't last long."


  1. I got the Blinc mascara and lash card this month, total FAIL! I may be cancelling as well...not sure yet though.

  2. I feel like the Lash Card is totally wasteful in addition to being stupid.

    I peeked online at what I'm getting this month and it sort of re-inspired my confidence a little.