Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kat Von D Part 2

Kat Von D True Romance Eye Shadow Palette - True Love

So I'm a sucker for nifty packaging and I really like the way the eyeshadow palette was packaged. It was in a little box with tattoo flash art on it, then when you open it it's wrapped in sparkly tissue paper. The compact itself is pretty cute also. The other really nice thing is that it has a very decent mirror. Always a good thing!

I swatched these over the two primers that came with the set, A. is over Sin and row B is over Smokey I also swatched it over bare skin, row C. As you can see these shadows absolutely ABSOLUTELY need a base. They go on incredibly sheer without a primer.

I really like the quality of all of the eye shadows except the metallic gold one Benji (Number 7). It’s almost like it can’t make up its mind whether it’s a cream or powder eye shadow. It’s really difficult to work with unless it warms up. So I will be applying this mostly with my finger, which makes it difficult to get an even application. Sigh.

That being said, I thought the rest of the shadows were awesome. All of them are really pretty and easy to blend.
 Missy (1) – White with purple-y duo chrome SUPER SHIMMER! The purple shows up more over the darker primer.

Babe (2)– Violet kinda blue duo chrome, also very shimmery

Skiba (3) – Lavender with gold sparkle. Not awe-inspiring, but a very decent colored shadow.

Cholita (4) – Dark Plummy Burgundy shimmery and very pretty. So I think, looking at these photos I need to use this more. It's GORGEOUS.

Lucifer (5) – Matte black with a hint of sparkle. I like this black a lot. It's got great pigmentation (way better than the pictures give it credit for.

Rebekah (6) – Chocolate Brown with a hint of Sparkle. I honestly don't have a single bad thing to say about this shadow. I have used it more than any of the others. Good all around shadow. The picture makes it look kind of reddish but it's perfectly chocolate brown.

Peanut (8)– Creamy gold color with gold shimmer. I've used this shadow quite a bit, the only thing I don't like about it is that it has a lot of fallout. Other than that I really like the texture of this shadow, it goes on almost creamy but it's a powder. In the picture it looks kind of silvery over the dark primer, I haven't done this aside from the swatches, so I'm curious to see if that is true outside of these pictures.

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