Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August Birch Box

I've decided to just start doing these at the end of the month since for the past two months I haven't got my box till the 20th or so, and I like to have at least a week to test the products before I review them. The only hazard of this is that it's possible that there will be overlap between monthly favorites posts. We'll see... Now, on to the review!

I liked this months items but wasn't really wow'd by the box as a whole. Stand out items were the face wash and the hair masque.

FIX Malibu Wish Wash Exfoliating Face Wash
I think this is such an innovative product and I don’t think I’ll ever fly somewhere without it. I don’t feel like it was truly exfoliating, but my face felt clean. I would have used it down to the last puff of powder if my dog hadn’t eaten it. Seriously. There was white powder all over the carpet.

Zoya Touch Collection – Pandora
See my NOTD post (Link)

Caudalie Premier Cru the Eye Cream
I’ve used some of the Caudalie Eye Creams before, and I like them quite a bit. They make my eyes feel hydrated and I love using them before bed on the rare days that I take a shower in the evening. It doesn’t seem to do much for dark circles, but my eyes don’t seem quite as puffy in the morning.

Number 4 Lumiere d’hiver Reconstructing Masque
I straight up love love love this hair masque. At first I was a little “Eh…” about it, but after using it a couple of times I think it’s pretty wonderful. I couldn’t stop stroking my hair today at a meeting. I must have looked nuts.

Number 4 L’eau de Mer Hydrating Shampoo
Probably my least favorite product. It’s a decent shampoo, I like the smell, but there was no Wow-Factor. My hair didn’t seem more hydrated than normal, didn’t seem like any less damaged than normal (WOW Do I need a haircut!), my boyfriend said it made his scalp feel a little better, but otherwise not too impressive.

Twistband Hair Ties
Bit of wide elastic tied in a knot. Works. That’s about all I can say for it other than I would never ever spend $5 on 3 of them unless my brain broke.

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