Sunday, August 28, 2011

NOTD: Tanzy by Zoya

Tanzy (Sunshine Collection) by Zoya is a pretty tangerine colored nail polish with gold and tangerine colored glitter. I bought it a few months ago and promptly forgot about it. I bought it during a deal on Zoya’s summer polishes, I was super excited about the Mattes and just neglected Tanzy. Oh how wrong I was…

Two things about this polish:

I don’t like Orange and I don’t typically like the texture of glitter polishes (especially if I don’t have time to do a top coat). Which sort of makes me wonder why I bought this in the first place... nevertheless, I'm glad I did because I like both those things about this polish. The orange color is really nice, tangerine describes it perfectly, it almost has a coral-y aspect to it. It doesn’t make my skin look sickly at all, which is typically what orange does to me.

The glitter is so small that it doesn’t feel chunky on my nail, and makes it appear almost iridescent rather than glittery. The entire polish sort of screams summer to me it's sunshine on your nails. It's also worth mentioning that a while back my best friend who is quite tan, and has much more yellow toned skin than I do borrowed this from me and it looked awesome on her too. It's an amazing polish and is one of my new favorites.

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