Thursday, September 1, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 1

1. When did you start putting on makeup?

Like most little girls I destroyed a few of my mom’s lipsticks and slapped some peacock blue eye shadow on my eyes. My mom would find me, wearing her high heels or my prettiest tutu and covered in her face powder looking a little like this:

Minus the the facial hair.

I remember my first piece non-candy or fruit makeup was a peach flavored/tinted lip gloss/stick that I loved… until my little sister ate it, and the one I got to replace it for that matter. I may never forgive her.

That's me on the right and Jessica on the left. Pretty cute huh?

That being said, I probably started seriously using make-up around 6th and 7th grade (I'll try and find some photos of me when I was younger...) It started out as just mascara, which was all the eye makeup my Mom allowed me to wear; I remember convincing her that I looked funny because my eyelashes were so blond nobody could see them. I then progressed to heavy (and badly applied) eyeliner. For the most part I stuck with liner; I didn’t know about eye shadow primer and I hated the way my lids creased!

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